Scribbles: Writing by Christin Keck

My writing, information about my books, and a lot of miscellany

Who I Am

I was born in 1951, I'm single, and live in Akron, Ohio in the rectory of the church where I was baptized as a child.  It was a rather circuitous road that led me back here, to the neighborhoods of my childhood, but the path I took (and still take) is one of wonder, amazement, and coincidence seasoned with a huge dollop of spiritual  synchronicity. In other words, someone up there was watching and lookin' out for me and I'm mighty glad they were!     I was born and raised here, until I was 10, then we moved a short physical distance and a long cultural thread away to a neighboring county which was mostly rural.     I was educated at two universities over 20 years, and am only hours away from a degree, which I will probably never get. It no longer matters to me at all--I doubt I could spare the time to pursue it. Life is a much more effective classroom anyway.    I have two grown sons, born 13 years apart. One lives a distance away, the other lives here with me.  I have a wonderful daughter-in-law who is both pretty and smart. Both sons are fine and happy.   I share my space with 4 cats, Zazu, Mocha, Solo and Harley   Zazu and Mocha are brother and sister, but you'd never know it to look at them; the only thing they have in common is a love of getting belly-rubs. Mocha considers it his absolute Creator-Endowed Right to have them, and will assist you in giving him one if you don't know how or don't respond to his plaintive looks. Zazu is mostly Manx, with a stumpy tail and that wonderful thick coat they have, pieces of which she likes to leave on my carpet for me to gather up.  Harley, short for Harlequin, has a shorter tail too--but his is the result of an accident he had as a kitten.  Solo is no longer a kitten, but he's my favorite cat of all time--i.e., plumb crazy.  He's blind--or very nearly so--from infections he had as a kitten. Please don't think it strange if you notice that I talked more about my cats than my kids--they would want it that way, believe me. You know how kids are.    My interests are huge, varied, and eclectic. They range from Origami to Particle Physics. I have a comic book collection. I read everything Terry Pratchett writes. I like travel. I like gourmet cooking and espresso coffee I make every morning. I sculpt and paint, and make things out of stuff. I garden. I play several musical instruments. I do really hard crossword puzzles. I like astronomy and am probably the only one i know who actually owns an astrolabe. I make really good Hallowe'en costumes, once attending a street fair dressed as the entire night sky. I do scrapbooking.    My Politics and my Beliefs are my own. I expect no one else to share or question them.I've been a Pagan, a Christian, and a lot in-between, and have now come to rest there in that glorious ambiguity.  I call my religion Christin-anity, my politics are opportunistic - whatever seems good for the most is probably what I will support, whatever it's public label.    I've been around the block more than a few times, and have had so many, and such varied experiences that it's hard to find just a few highlights to put in a short biography.  I am a cancer survivor. I am very glad to be alive. Life is good and the Grand Canyon is a vast understatement from a much more polite age: I would have probably embarrassed myself by saying something like "Man! That is one ^&%*$(%&^%ing AWESOME canyon!"   Life has been very good to me, for the most part, and I am quite satisfied with the way things have turned out. 


  Which brings me to my philosphy of life:    Live it up. You only get this shot once--maybe.