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The Books

  1. What are the books about?

    Well, that’s a bit hard to answer! Basically, the books are about a group of friends: Cassie Rivers, Mirra Cahaul, Gwen-Vera Madison, Lizzie Gordon and Jack Garnes. There are also a few repeating characters who show up in the books, such as the villainous Lilith Brown. This group manages to get itself involved, through sometimes complex and wacky plot twists, in mysteries, intrigue, danger and the supernatural, through humorous and bizarre paths; there are oftentimes many very bad puns involved. Let’s just say that you can never predict exactly where these characters will end up or what they will do next. Even I don’t know. They tell me what to write—I don’t control them.

  2. Who is Cassie Rivers?

    Cassie is the main character and narrator of all the books. They are all told from her point of view. She’s practical and sensible, but somehow or another manages to find herself in situations that neither practicality nor sensibility can solve! And her friends—well—they don’t help much to keep either practicality or sensibility in the forefront.

  3. Are the characters based on real people?

    Well of course not! And yes. Most authors base their characters on people they are familiar with; that’s just a fact about writing. But are the characters really based on people I know? Sort of. Mirra and Gwen-Vera are very exaggerated versions of two of my friends. Lizzie is not. Jack is not. Lilith is based on a brief encounter with someone who bears some of her characteristics, but not most of them; and other characters may be drawn from folks I’ve met, or have characteristics of real people I’ve known. As an author, you try to write what you know—and I couldn’t have written some of these without some experience. However, I will state flatly that these books are FICTION, not reality. You may recognize (or think you recognize) some of the people, but rest assured, you’re probably wrong.

  4. The books are a series?do I have to read them in order?

    I would prefer you did. That way you can be up to date on everyone and understand how they fit into the plots and the adventures. However, if you absolutely bristle at doing so, you can read Book 4, Mini-Apple Loss, without having read the first three. There is some back-story included in that one. In the first three, however, you will probably be slightly confused about who’s who if you read them out of order. So please read them in order.

  5. Why is book 4, Mini-Apple Loss, different from the first three?

    Because it got a bit cumbersome writing all characters all the time. I wanted to focus on a more tightly-written plot in that one—and the other characters would have muddied that plot a bit had I included all of them. From this point on, most of the books will revolve around only one or two of the characters, and the adventures that are particular to them.

  6. Infantasia made me cry!

    Me too. But don’t worry. No character is really “gone” until they’re gone.

  7. Is Book Five on the way? When will it be available?

    It’s being written now. It involves Mirra. And Chikara Professional Wrestling. I can’t give you a time-line yet—but I’ll be updating this site with more information as it takes shape.

  8. Are you Pagan? Do you believe in Magick too?

    Absolutely. Magick makes the universe rotate. Magick makes everything work. I also attend a Christian church most Sundays. My beliefs can be summed up thusly: I believe in all of it. Because it all works.



  9. Why waffles?

    Because waffles are delicious. And everyone needs a waffle once in a while.

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Content and My Philosophy

  1. You say the books are Pagan?but are they really? Is witchcraft involved?

    Yes. They are Pagan-centric. This group of friends is not a coven, however. They simply follow an “alternative” means of honoring the Universe and all its creations. They do spells, and they are aware of the vast and varied pantheon of human religion, but I’m not trying to sell you any particular faith. Their beliefs make them more interesting and open them up to a lot more adventures and situations than if I had settled them into any one system. They don’t practice any particular form of Paganism or belief. They don’t call themselves witches, and they don’t promote any type of belief. That gives me (and them) the most options for writing entertaining stories. Basically, they believe in Magick—which makes for very unusual lives.

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Buying my Books

  1. Where can I buy your books?

    You can get my books in three ways: They are available on in both paperback and Kindle versions, and they are available right here on my website for purchase through (with a nice little discount!). And you may also see me in person at any number of venues and festivals throughout the year—where books will be sold at an even more substantial discount! That’s one of your least-expensive ways to get them in paperback; I usually offer a good discount for purchase in person, I’ll sign your copies for you, and you can meet me and see other intriguing things for sale as well. And sometimes you get a free gift with purchase!

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