We have not been able to do any shows this year at all. How sad! The virus pandemic killed off most social gathering, and that's not something I wanted to mess around with--so this website and my Facebook page are the only places you can still get 3-Moon products.  Feel free to contact me through here or there, or via my emails: [email protected] or [email protected] for information and if you want an appointment to come and see my stuff in person. 

Not everything is pictured here--so there are always surprises! 

Mail ordering is still a go! Please contact me if you are interested in buying anything and having it shipped.


Here's my new website. On it, you will be able to find out what I do, what I make, what I write and where to buy it. 

I hope to update this site a lot more often than my previous one. I stopped doing anything to that one at the end of 2014, when I bought my house. I fully intended to write more books, but home-ownership intervened. For the past 5 years, I've concentrated on my home, and the changes that have ensued from retirement. I have to say, I am enjoying retirement a lot more than I thought I would--leisure suits me. 

I am a creative person, however. So that means I am always doing something with my hands and mind. If it's not writing, it's sewing, crocheting, sculpting, inventing things, hammering, nailing, building, landscaping--in other words, I'm not idle. 

At the present time, I'm running a small business called 3-Moon Creations, More about that below.  My books are still available on Amazon. My house is fine, my kids are fine, my cats are fine. I'm a happy camper. 

So this is Me-ville, the website about, er, ME. Hope you enjoy your stay. 


3-Moon Creations is the name I've given to my vending products. I make many items, every one unique and hand-crafted.  Most are textile-based, some are made from other things like yarn, jars, polymer clay and paper. 

Here is a list of what I currently offer, and the prices, not including any shipping costs:

DREAM DOLLS:  This is my "signature" item. It's a patchwork, hand-sewn and embellished piece of décor that you can hang on a curtain, place on a shelf or table or your bed pillow. Each doll is different, and they hold a quote about dreams or dreaming.  You use them to inspire your dreams, guard your dreams or just celebrate your dreams!  Dream Dolls cost $20 each. 

NIGHTMARE DOLLS: This is the 'dark side' of dreaming! These are like the Dream Dolls above, but instead of quotes about dreams, they hold quotes about nightmares. Fun for Hallowe'en or just to get in touch with both sides of life! Like Dream Dolls, Nightmare Dolls are also $20 each.

CHRISKINS:  Chriskins come in many forms. They can be actual dolls which are toys for kids with removable, washable clothing, and no small parts or embellishments; soft and cuddly, about a foot tall with yarn hair. Or they can be small, ornamental yarn dolls (not suitable as toys) that have a little hanger on the top. They are also Yule tree ornaments. The toy dolls are $25 each, the hanging ornamental Chriskins are $5 each. 

POUCHES: I make 3 kinds of pouches: a small, drawstring pouch to hold your precious things, and a uniquely-designed 3-pocket pouch in both medium and large sizes. All are double-sided in pretty fabrics and have beaded or buttoned embellishments. The small and medium pouches are for whatever you want to enclose, the large pouches come with a button-on shoulder strap. Large pouches hold a lot! They can accommodate a wallet and phone, or a deck of cards, or makeup, or almost anything. Small pouches are $6 each, medium 3-pocket pouches are $8 each and large pouches are $12. 

JAR LIGHTS: These each light up, with the light switches accessible from the outside. They come in two sizes. Some contain fairies, some contain "elemental" figures (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) and some contain holiday scenes like snowglobes. The contents vary and change frequently. Large jars are $10 each and small ones are $5. 

MANDALAS: Laminated mandalas which I've colored myself. Some are two-sided. They can be used for a variety of purposes--coasters, décor, wall-hanging, framing--whatever. They're $1 each.

TALISMANS:  I make a small hanging talisman out of polymer clay which can be used for just about anything you want; decoration, or protection, or inspiration. Just some fun, and they look cool hanging from your rear-view mirror! Talismans are $1 each. 

CHRISPETS:  Like Dream Dolls, but without quotes, and in the shape of dogs and cats. For people who love their pets and just want to show how much, or to commemorate a lost pet-love, or to remind you to buy more dog or cat food! They have embedded magnets and loop hangers on them so you can put them on your fridge or hang them up. Chrispets are $15 each.

NECKLACES OR OTHER ORNAMENTS: This varies from time to time--some are to wear, some just to hang up. Prices vary, but are never over $5. 
I have a good selection of actual round Yule tree ornaments in two sizes for $5 (lg) and $2 (sm). I also have a selection of  hand-knitted or crocheted garlands in various lengths for $6 each, which are available at holiday shows only. 

MY BOOKS:  I have written 6 books, available through Amazon. Four of them are called the Cassie Rivers series. These are fantasy/humor novels about a group of friends who happen to be Pagan, and get into some loony, crazy adventures. The books are, in order: (1) The Goddess Loves Your Shoes, (2) Altared States, (3) Infantasia, and (4) Mini-apple Loss.  The other two books are standalone titles: Cowcoons and Other Tall Tales from Real Life, which is a collection of 'true' stories fictionalized, and Obituary, a novel about a woman who can read minds, set during WWII.  The books may be available at craft shows or fairs, and will sell for $10 each for the Cassie books or $8 each for the other two. 

I'll be offering other items from time to time, as well. I plan to expand my inventory and welcome suggestions for things I can make. Contact me through this site or on Facebook at my 3-Moon page with your suggestions. 

And I hope to see you at one of the fairs or shows I do! Let me know you found me through this site, or Facebook, and you'll get a free gift! 

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